Let’s create with IBM

Cheese Slicer (1900s), NASA Computer Center (1960s), Quantum Computer (2020s)
  • Connecting the right data to the right people at the right time for more holistic and efficient AI outcomes.
  • Enabling IT systems to better build, deploy and scale withing and across clouds.
  • Making work simpler, faster and more rewarding through advancements in automation and AI.
  • Ensuring that security is wrapped around every device, every interaction, every time.
  • Collaborating closely with our clients, innovating openly and turning ideas into action.
IBM Field Guides
IBM Field Guides. Printed and waiting to be picked up (by the author)



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Robert Barron

Robert Barron


Lessons from the Lunar Landing, Shuttle to SRE | AIOps, ChatOps, DevOps and other Ops | IBMer, opinions are my own